7 Good Tips for Search Engine Optimisation

Are you new to the world of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)? Are you keen about knowing the facts of SEO? If yes, here is a complete solution for all of your concerns! Before proceeding to the in-depth information about SEO, let us know what exactly it means. 7 Good tips for Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO) is nothing but a process of intensifying more and more traffic to your site by the means of organic search results or search pages. Search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing show primary search results, where the web pages rank according to their relevance to users. SEO is all about attracting quality and quantity traffic to your site by being a resource for the products that your customers need. Now, you must be puzzled with these quality and quantity traffic. Read further to know about the traffic!

Quality and Quantity Traffic

Quality traffic is the means of gaining potential customers for your business or product. High-quality traffic is thus defined as a higher ratio of conversions and sales. On the other side, Quantity Traffic is responsible for online visibility and search rankings of your website. “More traffic = more ranking, more customers and thus more sales” Therefore, for ranking a website and perform well in business, both these aspects are important. For succeeding at SEO, you need to follow certain strategies and good SEO practices. Let’s have a look at some of the excellent practices plotted for the beginners to understand the concept of Search Engine Optimisation better.
  1. Keyword Research

No SEO campaign can start without a proper keyword research. While optimizing your site for Google or any other search engine, keyword research is the most valuable activity that results in high return. SEO experts follow this practice to search alternate terms that visitors enquire for any subject in the search engines. Find its illustration below: Consider a keyword phrase like “baby food”. This phrase might help those who are seeking information regarding food for baby. However, if the keyword phrase is more specific like “buy baby food online”, then it might be of interest to those who want to buy the food online for their babies. This keyword phrase is more appealing to encourage customers to buy the product. Isn’t it? Therefore, our keyword phrase needs to be more specific and at the same time should have an easy word phrasing. 7 Good tips for Search Engine Optimisation
  1. Avoid duplicate content

 Duplicate content means same text at two different URLs. On should completely avoid this thing. Duplicate contents can ruin your SEO website’s ranking. There are many online SEO tools available to check duplicate content like CopyScape, Screaming Frog, Grammarly, PlagSpotter and many more. With the help of these tools, you can identify duplication and remove it.

  1. Manage your internal links and site’s navigation

Site navigation plays a vital role in optimizing a website. It is a medium of entangling site visitors to stay more on the website or to view more than just a homepage. People may elect to hit back on their first visit to a website if they find the navigation choices ambiguous. The challenge begins when any visitor visits a website for the first time and takes maximum advantage of the site by staying and searching all the pages of that site for a longer time.
  1. Meta descriptions and title tags

Relevant and optimized Meta descriptions and title tags should be formed in order to put some marketing talent into use.

  1. Load Time

This is a factor affecting the rate of converting visitors to potential customers. Images and codes of the websites are also responsible for causing long load time, which you can control using online SEO tools.

  1. Avoid buying or selling links

Buying and selling links is considered a bad SEO practice and is also against Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.

  1. Use a Sitemap

Sitemap helps Google to crawl and find the number of pages on your website. There are various tools available online that can help you create a sitemap. After reading the article, you might be clear about the SEO tactics. So now, what are you waiting for? Hire a professional SEO expert and allow them to handle the responsibility of boosting your business, product or service in the Google search engine.  
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