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Do You Think You Don’t Need Pinterest? Think Again!

Do You Think You Don’t Need Pinterest? Think Again!

If as a small business owner do you think you don’t need pinterest? Think again it could be very beneficial to small business owners. In this modern world, “share and discover” has become a mantra of life. The mainstream social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram have dominated the world for long, albeit new platforms have always come up and made their individualistic space. One such emergent platform is Pinterest, which has been garnering a lot of appreciation and recognition worldwide. Its attractive and interactive interface, both on the Desktop version and app, has been able to draw attention for a multitude of reasons and has successfully kept the users engrossed too. Cooking Recipes, Decoration, Art Works, Business, Blogs – you name it, Pinterest has it!

Do You Think You Don't Need Pinterest? Think Again!

If you know a hundred reasons to use Pinterest and can’t find one for you, here is a list of how to use Pinterest depending upon your purpose and need.

Influence on Buyers

Remarkably large number of engrossed and loyal users of Pinterest depend on the information provided by different brands on the platform to decide on their purchase. Pinterest keeps the users abreast of the marketing trends since all brands – whether big or small keep posting their new launches on the website. Moreover, a huge section of users tends to rely on the information furnished on the website for their future purchases as well. Conclusively, Pinterest serves as a perfect platform for brand marketing, advertising, and introducing a product to new audience and potential customers.Traffic Diversion: A large chunk of any business takes place online. Just as footfall at any store accounts for the potential buyers the store has, the company’s website traffic determines the number of customers it can get. While stores provide vouchers and coupons to increase the footfall, websites provide inbound links that redirect the users to the intended products. Of late, Pinterest has been astonishingly successful in diverting and generating traffic on the websites. The surge in traffic obviously relies on the quality of content that the website shares to its audience. However, Pinterest has served as an efficient tool to share the content judiciously.

Marketing made easy

A surfeit of social media platforms are intended only for marketing purpose, so a crucial question that arises is, “Why you should use Pinterest for Business?”

To put it in perspective, Pinterest offers unique features, the latest being “Buyable Pins.” Through this latest addition in Pinterest, retailers get an unparalleled experience of generating direct sales through the platform. Once a retailer enables Buyable Pins on Pinterest, a “Buy It” option will be directly available for the users on all the pins made by the website. This makes the buying and selling process a lot more convenient than the traditional online shopping. This is only a single feature out of many such productive Pinterest marketing ideas available on the platform.

Do You Think You Don't Need Pinterest? Think Again!


Flexibility in usage

After a long and tiring day’s work, it is a human tendency to spend time in peace and solace. The ever-pervasive problem of information overload on social media can be largely eliminated through Pinterest. However, Pinterest is one of its kinds Social Media since one can choose to see only the pins one likes to see. Moreover, Pinterest is for everyone, irrespective of the difference in likes and interests of different individuals. You can choose to be a passive user and appreciate the pins posted by others or you can seek appreciation for your own pins. You can build personal and professional networks or you can choose to engage in minimal conversation on the platform. No matter what you do, Pinterest will definitely let you discover your inquisitive self.

It’s free!!

Free is a word one seldom hears when it comes to business promotion online. Nevertheless, Pinterest is actually free for everyone. All that is needed to get noticed is a little manipulative optimization.


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