E mail marketing stats – how to double your email profits in 6 weeks

…Or perhaps even triple it in 12 weeks. There are essentially 2 ways to increase your email profits: Get more subscribers or sell more to the subscribers you already have. Below are some tip on email marketing stats – how to double your profits in 6 weeks.  E mail marketing stats - how to double your email profits in 6 weeks
Ideally, you want to do both. But for now, let us just concentrate on selling more to your current subscribers. What I’m about to suggest could become one of the most productive uses of your time. After all, what else can you do that DOUBLES or TRIPLES your email income, and with no expenses? And yet, most marketers will never do what I am about to suggest. I know this, because 90% of email marketers do not do this. Why would you not want to know about email marketing stats and how to double your email profits in 6 weeks?. What am I talking about? A/B testing. Of all the metrics associated with your online business, one of the easiest to measure and improve is email revenue and performance. Simply write two versions of your email message and send out each to half of your database. Then measure the results. Look for what works and what bombs. Whatever is working, test more of that. Then place your highest converting emails and sequences into your autoresponder, so that future subscribers receive them as well. For further information on social media marketing visit www.justlocalbusinessmarketing.co.uk
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