Frequently Asked Questions about Just Local Business marketing

Below are some answers to frequently asked questions about Just Local Business marketing. If you have other questions then please do not hesitate to contact me

Frequently Asked Questions about Just Local Business Marketing

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be tied into a contract?

No. I offer a 3 month trial and after that it is a monthly rolling contract. You are always in control. I will also provide you with a full contact of terms and conditions so you are in control from the start. After all it is YOUR business.

I do not know what services I need?

When you contact me I will perform a free audit of your website and get back to you with recommendations.

Will I need to be on all social media platforms?

The answer is No. I offer 2-3 initial options (if necessary) to start with. You do not need to be on all Social Media Channels as every business is different.

What if you work with a competitor of mine?

I will work with you as an individual as each company needs different requirements. No social media work is duplicated.

What if I want a service you do not provide?

I have plenty of contacts who can assist should you require additional services.

Do you generate fake followers?

No.  Just Local Business Marketing does not provide ‘fake followers’  Not only is this misleading to a good business but could damage your website and ranking. Any followers generated would be actual real followers. But this does take time and is not immediate. Even if you wanted ‘fake followers’ to make your business look good this is something I do not do.

Do you offer a referal service?

I can discuss further with you if you are interested

How can I contact you