How Companies Who Are Out of Business Can Still Increase Brand Awareness On Social Media

So many businesses are closed today because of COVID-19. The pandemic is showing no signs of slowing down, which is why many analysts expect this lockdown to last a few more weeks, if not months. If yours is among the companies that have shut their doors in response to the coronavirus, there is no better time for you to throw your support behind your social media campaigns.

Lockdown: How Companies Who Are Out of Business Can Still Increase Brand Awareness On Social Media

Everyone expects the lockdown to permanently scar the business arena. Some firms have already collapsed. Those that will survive this period are expected to suffer financially as a result of the losses they have incurred during the lockdown.

You need to give your company all the tools it will need to weather the challenges of the coming months. That means using social media to increase your brand awareness. You have to keep your customers engaged, to keep your company at the forefront of their thoughts, to position yourself to benefit from that initial rush once the lockdown lifts and life returns to normal.

Building brand awareness requires so much more than simply opening a Facebook account and buying ads on the platform. You need to keep the following in mind:


The purpose of a brand awareness campaign is to make yourself stand out. This is why you are encouraged to customise your social media presence, to give it a distinct personality that immediately sets it apart from the competition.

So many companies fail in this area because they want to play it safe. They want to take a leaf out of the social media marketing strategies of their rivals. But that is a mistake. While it is easier to copy others, do everything in your power to stand out, to walk your own path, to give your company a clear and distinct voice on social media.


Design your social media profiles in a manner that quickly reveals your specialty. A cursory glance at your profile pictures, photos, posts, logos and the like should immediately tell your visitors and followers who you are and what you do. This will make you easier to remember.


Don’t be boring. The state of affairs at the present is so bleak that people are more likely to respond to social media content that pops, entertains, and distracts. This is why you need to apply some creativity when crafting your posts.

Use every entertainment tool available to you, including videos, images, animation, and even music.

Corona Virus, Digital Paper, Background, Pattern, Ocean


The easiest way to stand out from the crowd and to keep your brand in the public eye is to rope others into your campaign. You can do this by using your social media accounts to comment on the posts of influential entities in your industry.

You can also mention or tag other people as a way of inviting them to engage with your posts. Find like-minded individuals with whom you can collaborate to produce engaging content on social media. This will give you access to a much wider section of the social media community.


Loyal and potential followers need to know that you are not engaging them on social media simply as a means of benefiting your profit margin in the long run. This is why you should endeavor to play your part in the fight against COVID-19.

You can do this by not only educating your readers on the coronavirus guidelines that have been published by health authorities but also breaking news related to COVID-19. This can be as simple as sharing a tweet published by the health department in your area or reposting an article from a relevant figure that your readers might find educational.

Whatever you choose to do, the objective is to stand out. Let the unique attributes of your field shape the strategies you deploy, for instance:

Coffee houses – Try offering a subscription service through which you can deliver flavoured coffee to your customers. This will get the members of your social media community buzzing.

Restaurants – Restaurants have so many options. You could post daily recipes that people can use to prepare their favourite meals. You could also ask people to post pictures of the meals they have prepared using your recipes as a way of encouraging engagement. This creates an opportunity for you to deliver these meals to people who are not bothered to follow your recipes.

Real Estate – Estate agents can keep working even with this lockdown by providing virtual viewings to entice potential customers. They can also prepare short learning sessions during which they will show audience members how they can quickly sell their homes in the aftermath of the lockdown.

Decorators – Decorators don’t have to stop at simply displaying the results of previous projects. They can also teach people how to execute simple projects such as repainting certain rooms and wallpapering others during the lockdown.

As you can see, there is no limit to what you can do on social media to keep people engaged. Every industry can benefit from these strategies. That includes blue-collar workers like roofers, electricians, builders, and the like.

Consider shooting a series of videos, not just showing your audience what it takes to succeed as a plumber but also teaching them how to perform their own DIY projects; you might be surprised by the number of followers your social media accounts will attract as a result.

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So as you can see despite Covid 19 it is clear that Companies who are out of business can still increase their brand awareness on social media.

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