How Social Media and Digital Marketing Can Help Your Business During COVID-19 And Beyond

While some voices have continued to prognosticate doom and gloom for the world in light of the current coronavirus crisis, most medical experts agree that the pandemic will eventually fizzle out. Humankind has survived worse viral catastrophes in the past, and one assumes that it will survive this one.

However, the pandemic has created such drastic disruptions on the business landscape that some companies are not expected to survive the pandemic. Certain industries have stopped operating altogether.

Quite a few business owners have essentially surrendered. With their premises closed and their employees in self-isolation, they have concluded that the best way to weather the coronavirus pandemic is to wait and see.

However, a ‘wait and see’ strategy is risky. Small and medium-sized businesses cannot afford to lose the momentum they have gained or the loyalty they have secured from their customers. But that is exactly what will happen if they choose to remain in hibernation for the next few weeks and months.

This is why business owners are being encouraged to turn their attention to digital marketing, especially social media. Digital and social media marketing are the future. They are also more important today than they have ever been at any other point in time.

If you can harness these tools, they can be relied upon to keep your business afloat. Consider the following:

Staying Socially Aware

The business machine never stops. The public understands that most companies do not have a moral compass. They won’t hesitate to sacrifice their values and principles if it means serving their financial objectives.

As such, it has become fairly commonplace for businesses to stand out from their competitors by promoting social causes and upholding moral values, sometimes to the detriment of their profit margins.

If you want to secure your company’s future, you should consider jumping onto this bandwagon by using social media, not only to promote your products and services but to also encourage people to comply with measures that have been set out by medical authorities to curb the spread of COVID-19.

By letting people see that you are more interested in saving their lives than you are in serving your company’s agenda, you are going to win lifelong clients that will not hesitate to buy your goods and contract your services once the pandemic dies out.

Staying Socially Relevant

As was mentioned above, a digital platform allows you to show the public that you are not completely blind to the plight of the common man. However, that is not the full extent of digital marketing’s capabilities.

It is also going to keep you in the public eye. This is crucial. As a business, you cannot afford to have people forget about you. But this is exactly what will happen if your customers spend weeks and months without using your services.

Social media keeps you relevant. It reminds people that you exist by placing your logos, videos, posts, and ads in their faces, especially at a time like this where people rely heavily on digital platforms to remain in contact with one another.

Conquering SEO

With most people staying at home as of late, online shopping is booming. People have no other means of procuring their needs and wants. This is why every company that hopes to survive the COVID-19 pandemic is working to open a digital wing.

A website gives your customers an online platform they can use to buy your merchandise. If you can’t afford a website, a social media account is just as effective. Some people find it much easier to reach out via Facebook.

But you cannot hope to succeed by simply opening an online platform, not in a day and age where the world is saturated with internet stores. You need to attain a healthy rank in Google’s algorithms to ensure that yours is one of the first stores a customer sees when they search for a product to purchase over the internet. That means using digital marketing to grow your online visibility. It is never too late to start fighting to raise your SEO rankings.

Digital marketing is a vast and complex arena, one that can benefit every business in every field if you are willing to harness its tools and techniques. Some entrepreneurs have just started deploying email marketing because they understand that they can leverage the access it gives them to consumers.

Others finally appreciate the attention and engagement a catchy hashtag can attract. You also have business owners that are starting to use digital marketing to target their campaigns towards specific households based on the shopping decisions they have made during the last few weeks of self-isolation.

Digital and social media marketing have no limits. Not even the restrictions of the coronavirus pandemic can stop them. This makes digital and social media marketing your only hope for survival in a period where so many companies are expecting and planning for the worst.

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Stay safe everyone – we can beat this.

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