How to increase conversions to your website

This is a great idea for increasing your conversions on your website – pretend to be a customer. Below are some examples on how you can increase conversions to your website. How to increase conversions to your website
Go get a second email address and then go to your website and opt-in just as if you were a customer – and see what happens. What page are you directed to and how does it come across to you? What does the email you receive look like? Is it formatted correctly? What’s the tone?   Look at everything on your site as if you’ve never seen it before, as if you’re a prospect coming there for the very first time. What questions do you have? What is confusing or even annoying? What needs to be changed?   Now take it a step further and try to opt-in a second time. Why? Because you’ll have prospects come to your site, opt-in, and then at a later date try to opt-in again to get certain content or whatever. Are they able to opt-in again, or do they get that frustrating message that says “YOU’VE ALREADY SUBSCRIBED”?   Monitor the emails you receive as a customer and remember to read them just as if you know nothing about your site, your products and services, and you. Doing this will give you an entirely new perspective and open your eyes to those things that might be hurting your conversions. If you need any help with social media contact    
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