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Email Marketing

We will help you with your email marketing campaigns/newsletter keep your clients and customers fully up to date with your business events, promotions and services.
At Just Local Business Marketing our team can assist with your latest email marketing and also newsletters. This can range from a special ‘one time offer’ to the latest news and services.

E Commerce

Here at Just Local Business Marketing we take pride in helping you grow your business no matter you are just a start up or a high achieving business.
We help you get convert more leads and sales thus generating more revenue. Working with us we can apply our full expertise and extensive knowledge to help your business flourish.

Pay Per Click

Pay per Click (PCC) is a way of tracking your paid advertising. If you are looking for new clients or get existing clients back to your website then PPC is one of the best ways to help your business. With PPC you will get vital consumer data which is easy to clarify. You set a monthly budget (which you change change from month to month) and you only pay when a visitor to your site clicks on your advert. Here at Just Local Business Marketing we will analysis your PPC campaign to ensure you get optimal results for your business.

SEO Marketing

SEO Marketing is the most valuable marketing service we provide at Just Local Business Marketing.
You may have a great website but are you appearing on page 15 of Google where no one will see your site?Our team will work with you to make sure you get good quality traffic to your site and help your business grow by creating content using researched phrases and keywords related to your business. We will update your website regularly to provide fresh content for your website and this can include writing your business blogs and even press releases.

Video Marketing

Did you know that 88% of visitors spend more time on a website with a video? By having a video on your website means your customers are learning about your product or service. You are showcasing your business to a wider audience. In additional it will increase social engagement as people are likely to share the video and also will boost your social engine rankings. Our team at Just Local Business Marketing are can provide high quality videos for your business that will engage with your customer

Web Development

At Just Local Business marketing we provide modern, professional and user friendly websites for all types of business owners. We will make your website brand friendly and will be easy to use (and read) for your current and new customers.
These websites will provide an outstanding user experience and turn viewers into clients for your business. We have a team at Just Local Business Marketing who are exceptionally experienced at building front and back end websites that will cater for your particular niche using your exact specifications. We can bring your website to life and help your business grown even further.

Social Media Marketing​

Social media had changed the way all business owners are doing business with clients and consumers. You must have a social presence online as it is one of the most cost effective ways to establish your brand and engage with new and existing customers. At Just Local Business Marketing we have a specialised team who deal with Social Media Marketing across all major social media platforms Note: your brand does not have to be on all social media platforms but should be on at least 2 or 3 major ones. We will make sure your business brand is reaching the correct people who need your service. This will result in driving good quality traffic to your site, generate new leads and grow your sales.

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