Social Media Christmas Campaigns – Christmas promotion tips

Have you started any Social Media Christmas Campaigns for your business – Christmas is not that far away but you must  now start thinking about your Christmas campaign – Christmas promotion tips Below are some tips to help  

Social Media Christmas Campaigns - Christmas promotion tips

12 Days campaign. This might be 12 days of savings, 12 days of contests, 12 days of tips, etc. Contest ideas: Participants send in photos of them using your product – best photos win prizes. Or participants write in 25 words why they should win your product – best entries win. Or participants compete for the best tweet about your product. Worst tree contest – fans share photos of their sad, lame, bare Christmas trees. Also good for best tree contest. Best gift contest – photos or written, participants compete to show why the gift they received was the best. Social Media Christmas Campaigns - Christmas promotion tips Worst Christmas ever – fans tell about their worst Christmas. Also good for funniest Christmas incident, funniest gift, etc. Ugliest Christmas Jumper contest or Ugliest ornament contest – participants send in photos of themselves wearing a Christmas jump or showing an ugly decoration. Social Media Christmas Campaigns - Christmas promotion tips Daily gifts – give your fans a gift a day for either the 12 days of Christmas or the 7 days from Christmas to New Year’s. Pay it Forward contest – fans tell of kindnesses performed for strangers. The contest prizes you offer don’t need to be expensive or elaborate, just something your niche would welcome and appreciate. And you don’t necessarily have to confine yourself to awarding prizes to just the top entries – if it’s something like an ebook you could give it to everyone who enters the contest. So as you can see there are plenty of ideas for you to think of good marketing ideas for the Christmas period For help contact me at
  • Marketing Tips for Christmas Campaigns - Christmas promotion tips
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