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Using stock images for your social media marketing

Using stock images for your social media marketing

Social media marketing is a hugely effective way to promote your business and reach your audience. However, while this is true for your firm, it is also true for every firm, including your rivals and competitors. Social media is a fantastic platform to market your firm but it is a busy place and it is a competitive and crowded market. You need to make sure you stand out from the crowd and the best stock images can help you reach your audience.

Using stock images for your social media marketing

Social media thrives on images

Think about the way you use social media. It is likely that you often scroll through posts, only stopping when a post stands out, demanding that you pay attention. What makes a person stop will depend on their taste and preferences, but images are highly effective at making people stop and pay attention to what you offer.

Ideally, you will offer original graphics that can’t be found elsewhere, but many businesses don’t have the time or confidence to collect and share their own images. Therefore, turning to stock image websites and using stock photos makes sense when you want to make a positive impact on social media.

With stock images, you can be confident about the quality of images

Using royalty free images from stock sites gives you confidence in what you post. There is a virtually unlimited number of images to choose from so no matter what you are looking to promote or how you wish to engage your audience, there should be images that are right for you.

If you don’t like the quality of an image or you don’t believe it conveys the right message, don’t use it. You are in complete control of what images you use. It makes sense to search the available images before you commit to using stock content. There are many sites to choose from and not all of the sites offer the same quality or variety of images.

Take the time to consider the message you wish to send and the image you want to create. Once you have an idea in mind, focus on finding the images that best convey yourself to your audience.


Stock images can help you develop consistency across social media and your website

It is vital that you convey a consistent message, and this means using the same or similar images on social media as you do on your website. The best website images can also be collected from stock image sites, so don’t just think these images will boost your social media presence, they are effective for every step of your marketing process.

Make sure you use stock images in an appropriate manner

While royalty free images provide you with confidence that you aren’t infringing on copyright, this only counts if you legally obtain stock images. Make sure you obtain the licence for any images you use or you could find that you have made a costly error.

When it comes to making a genuine impact on social media, relevant and hand-selected images will help you reach your audience. Therefore, using stock images for your social media marketing makes sense. If you need further guidance on how to engage your social media audience, rely on Just Local Business Marketing and we’ll do what we can to help you.


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