What is local business marketing?

What is local business marketing?

What is local business marketing

How can you grow your business with Social Media and exactly is local business marketing?

Local Business Marketing is one of those areas that are set to explode in the next few years as Internet Marketers begin to realise the power of the “local search”.

There are more people searching online for local products and services than ever before and you can become part of this. Local business advertising is the way forward for all local business owners.

The search for local services is now much more specific and so these people are almost certain to become a paying customer  For example Accountant in Woolwich, v Accountant.

There are more local businesses turning to online marketing to find new ways of generating customers and leads, and increasing their profit margin! 

Google has seen this as a great opportunity and there is now Google Business Directory, Google Local and Google Maps. Plus there is also the ability to show your actual advert for your business to a select local area of where your business is based. This means more potential customers for your business. They know exactly where you are based and could purchase on line or visit your business.

Growth of local searches is growing

What is local business marketing?

  • The Kelsey Group reports that 74 percent of Internet users perform local searches
  • 43% of search engine users are seeking a a local business like yours to purchase either on line or offline
  • Instant results for your potential customer  – In a matter a seconds the searcher is presented with a list of local businesses providing a relevant service
  • More than half of those that own devices (such as the iPhone) are performing local business searches
  • Ask yourself does anyone use local printed directories to look for a product or service? They may have done so 20 years ago when there was no Internet but not now. Who do you knw that would carry a local directory around with them. No one but they do carry mobile devices and this means your service is immediately accessable to them.

The decline of paper directories

  • Your advert is placed right next to your competitors in your industry.
  • You are placed in one particular advertising section
  • You cannot track any business leads to establish which local paper directory they have come from
  • You have to pay hugh sums to stand out from all the other advertisers
  • You still pay regardless if anyone sees your advert or not
  • Your new customer wants information fast  so they will go to Google to see what services or products you have.
  • Once your advert is printed you cannot change it. With Google ads you can change your advert every day if you wish with new keywords.
  • How do you know if your advert is actually working.

The decline of newspapers

What is local business marketing?

  • The Newspaper Association of America (NAA) website reports a 94% year-on-year decline in newspaper advertising revenue
  • Your Ad must compete with numerous other adverts plus all the stories and features in the paper which the reader has to wade through
  • Most readers just read a paper for general informaton or to pass the time and almost certainly not to purchase a product.
  • Advertising is a newspaper (national or local) can be expensive.
  • Broad appeal rather than targeting your customer who is already searching for a particular product or service
  • You have no assurance that every person who receives the newspaper will read your ad
  • You pay for the advert even if no one reads it!
  • Your customers may not read the newspaper from cover to cover
  • They will throw the paper away after reading it and unlikely to cut out your advert and keep it.
  • They could lose the paper eg leave it on the bus

How the internet is growing and why you need to be on board

What is local business marketing?

  • 3 billion websites in existence (Jan 2018)
  • 20 billion monthly active Facebook users  (quarter 1 for 2018)
  • Facebook also has over 65 million Local Business Pages (2017)
  • Over 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute of every day. In fact over 5 billion videos are watched every day on You Tube (2017)
  • LinkedIn now has over 1 million LinkedIn users who have published posts on LinkedIn.  (2017)
  • Twitter has over 339 monthly active user (4th quarter 2017)

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